Thursday, July 7, 2016

Be Fearless, My First Church Post

If you have the audacity, the notion, creepy crawling thoroughly through you; to have become a witch in  this fight of Matriarch vs. Patriarch nation and have landing somewhere as magically enchanting of a place such as Taos... leave a link below to your website.

The church blog has been over taken. I will be blogging a lot. This may seem as inappropriate as anything else you've seen on your freaky tumblr today, but it will be a little more clung to the truths my words have always been able to breath; when you're late to the party it's because nobody likes you and you don't care. If you're at home without any invitations to the life of everyone's groins it's because nobody wants to bang you. None of these trivialities matter that much unless everyone is higher than a gram of cocaine to their brains and molly and more molly and laughing gas nitrous from a whipping cream can dumpstered off of the main road's grocery store. We're cold at 40 degress with a different set of survival fatalities we see at 90 degrees; you'll all get hated on for. Why do we get messed around on by our friends? Never accept friends that don't have as much as you do, ever. IT won't be luck that saves your ass that they are a good person, it will be another good person, better looking and they'll provide something extra. I am that person that is luck instead, I leave before I hurt and I want to make things prettier if you'll allow me. I am a gardener, I am an avid adept music player, I love animals and play things such as stone, gems, minerals and crystals. I am in love. I am a lover. There's not a price tag on it. Taos throws price tags in my face like diamonds thrown in a bank robbery. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth, instead I look at the stomach for what I need to give it so that it can give me what I need. My name is Dawn Dillon Avery. I'm not any expectation of what I hoped to be but what I hope to be, everybody sees in me so I'm exactly where I want to be.

Tonight I had an exceptional conversation with the manager of the church site Thebes, he asked me a good question. He wants to know if I'm crazy and I say that I've always thought that I was something else other than what everybody originally placed me to be. That might appear pretty crazy through another person's eyes. The whole of humanity has a innate instinctual behavior that decrees to quit an endeavor as a bad option. It is, it loses friends; I attest to none of that however. I never quit basketball, in fact I'm better than I ever might have been continuing when I did stop. I think I quit not having friends. I can quit that again but this time around I don't have to feel that way as animals are much more involved in my life and it feels like I'm close to 100% on a lot of life or at least the way it's been building recently. No, I don't care if you're a vegan. I care about if others are going vegan.

I've focused on my goals. I've focused on my physical health and dreams. I've focused on my lifestyle and my patience and my political peace ventures and non-traditional education. I've focused on these things in lieu of my mistakes, in lieu of my mother's and in lieu of everything that is good on this Earth.

I'm ready for anything that comes my way except for this and I know many others in (or not in their sailboat) this boat.

DAWN, will a ginger make my sailboat float better?

Answer: No, gingers do not make a boat float better due to the lack of weight from a non-existing     soul. 

Alternatively, if you have a ginger on a boat and would like it to float better you should try making a ginger-bread-mon. 

Why am I not an expectation of what I hoped to be? Why do I bruise and cut and hurt and get bitten? Why do humans need to play a role? Why does only '<strike> shit </strike> excrement' come out of most humans?

I'm still investigating....

Thanks for reading. IF you liked this then by all means stop again regularly to see what kind of products I'm into, daily/weekly activities and projects or events I'm attending this month. Talk to me though because Thebes is technically in his sailboat right now.

Alternatively I'm looking for more interest in deaf and signing women and men of Taos.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Winter Soup Kitchen

Jerry and I are pleased to announce our Winter Soup Kitchen.

Mondays, starting November 18th 4:30pm to 6:30pm, at Our Lady of the Mysteries in the Tres Orejas community of Carson.
Driving come up Flag to Oceanview going past the twin blue peaked house, turn right on the top of the hill, look for the fenced compound about 250 yards ahead and on the left. There is a Goddess sign. Park outside of the fence.

Blessed Be and Eat Well!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon Drum Circle, Esbat and Mabon

The church will be hosting a Full Moon drum circle and Esbat ritual on Friday Sept 20th. We are located in Tres Orejas, about half way between the Gorge Bridge and Carson.

Meet at the church no earlier than 6pm. Esbat ritual will be when the moon comes up. You need not be pagan to attend, the pagans will do circle and then we'll all drum and dance around the fire and have a great time.
There will also be a small Wiccan Mabon ritual on Saturday, no time determined yet.

Camping space is available Friday evening through Sunday am. Please be mindful that it can be cold and windy up on the hill, bring plenty of warm clothing.

This is a child friendly event, but at least one parent or guardian should always be present with any child.

Dogs- if you are camping you may bring your dog, if needed, but please keep a very close eye on it so that it does not disturb others or the church cat.

You may bring alcohol but it must be enjoyed in moderation and not within the main circle. No abuse of man-made drugs is tolerated on church property.

Call Thebes for directions, five seven five - seven seven zero - forty one hundred. Please leave a voice message if there is no answer, the phone does not always ring but generally receives messages within minutes.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Church Blog

I started the blog and then abandoned it back in March.
I had hoped that it would be a center for those things happening at the church, but it soon became obvious that very few area residents had internet outside of the church, so there was little point in it.
Now that is changing so there is a reason to restart it.

We will be moving forward with our goal of growing the church and setting up several cabins for visitors and those wishing to temporarily reside at Our Lady of the Mysteries.

Blessed Be

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Church calendar: Week of March 18th

Monday- March 18
Due to four church dinners in the past week, and Thebes' general mental disarray from this, the normal Monday Night Dinner has been 86'd. The church will be open only as needed.

Tuesday- March 19
Open 1pm-9pm
Work day. We are rearranging downstairs and continuing to lay the greenhouse floor. Also please bring anything you might wish for the circle's altar for Ostara.

Wednesday- March 20
Town Trip rescheduled for Thursday

3pm- Circle prep
5pm- Spring Equinox ritual
7pm-ish Dinner
Member / Board Meeting after dinner.

Thursday- March 21
Town Trip, probably late morning, contact Thebes for seat availability
Church Open until 9am upon return

Friday- March 22

Saturday- March 23
Hot Springs (Stagecoach probably)- Meet at 11am SHARP. We'll take two trips or vehicles if we must. Gas money is always appreciated.
Church Open until 9 upon our return.

Sunday- March 24
Open 1pm-9pm

Monday Night Dinner will resume as normal on March 25th, time not yet determined but lets keep it earlier.

Hello World

This is the official blog of Our Lady of the Mysteries, a pantheistic church located in rural Taos County.

Our current worshippers are largely Discordian, but our basic church doctrine is quite simple:
Every man and every woman is a spark of the Divine, indeed everything is part of the Divine.

Hail Eris and Blessed Be