Sunday, March 17, 2013

Church calendar: Week of March 18th

Monday- March 18
Due to four church dinners in the past week, and Thebes' general mental disarray from this, the normal Monday Night Dinner has been 86'd. The church will be open only as needed.

Tuesday- March 19
Open 1pm-9pm
Work day. We are rearranging downstairs and continuing to lay the greenhouse floor. Also please bring anything you might wish for the circle's altar for Ostara.

Wednesday- March 20
Town Trip rescheduled for Thursday

3pm- Circle prep
5pm- Spring Equinox ritual
7pm-ish Dinner
Member / Board Meeting after dinner.

Thursday- March 21
Town Trip, probably late morning, contact Thebes for seat availability
Church Open until 9am upon return

Friday- March 22

Saturday- March 23
Hot Springs (Stagecoach probably)- Meet at 11am SHARP. We'll take two trips or vehicles if we must. Gas money is always appreciated.
Church Open until 9 upon our return.

Sunday- March 24
Open 1pm-9pm

Monday Night Dinner will resume as normal on March 25th, time not yet determined but lets keep it earlier.

Hello World

This is the official blog of Our Lady of the Mysteries, a pantheistic church located in rural Taos County.

Our current worshippers are largely Discordian, but our basic church doctrine is quite simple:
Every man and every woman is a spark of the Divine, indeed everything is part of the Divine.

Hail Eris and Blessed Be