Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon Drum Circle, Esbat and Mabon

The church will be hosting a Full Moon drum circle and Esbat ritual on Friday Sept 20th. We are located in Tres Orejas, about half way between the Gorge Bridge and Carson.

Meet at the church no earlier than 6pm. Esbat ritual will be when the moon comes up. You need not be pagan to attend, the pagans will do circle and then we'll all drum and dance around the fire and have a great time.
There will also be a small Wiccan Mabon ritual on Saturday, no time determined yet.

Camping space is available Friday evening through Sunday am. Please be mindful that it can be cold and windy up on the hill, bring plenty of warm clothing.

This is a child friendly event, but at least one parent or guardian should always be present with any child.

Dogs- if you are camping you may bring your dog, if needed, but please keep a very close eye on it so that it does not disturb others or the church cat.

You may bring alcohol but it must be enjoyed in moderation and not within the main circle. No abuse of man-made drugs is tolerated on church property.

Call Thebes for directions, five seven five - seven seven zero - forty one hundred. Please leave a voice message if there is no answer, the phone does not always ring but generally receives messages within minutes.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Church Blog

I started the blog and then abandoned it back in March.
I had hoped that it would be a center for those things happening at the church, but it soon became obvious that very few area residents had internet outside of the church, so there was little point in it.
Now that is changing so there is a reason to restart it.

We will be moving forward with our goal of growing the church and setting up several cabins for visitors and those wishing to temporarily reside at Our Lady of the Mysteries.

Blessed Be